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Inclement Weather Policy

King University is concerned about the safety of students, staff, and faculty. Inclement weather can come at various times of the day and any given day of the week with unpredictable intensity and geographic impact. Cancellation and delay decisions are based on available information concerning the conditions of roads near a given instructional location. The College recognizes students often drive from locations where conditions may be quite different. If any student determines road conditions are unsafe for their travel to class they should contact their instructor by phone and/or email in advance of the class. There are five primary factors behind a decision to cancel classes and/or close a campus or other college facility:

  • The time of day: the amount, rate, and type of precipitation; and the best weather forecast information available at the time of the decision.
  • The condition of major roadways in the region.
  • The condition of primary roads around College facilities.
  • The condition of sidewalks and parking lots around College buildings.
  • The operational status of other entities such as public transportation, etc.

The final decision about closing or canceling any King University campus, facility, or function is the responsibility of the President or his designee. For the purposes of this policy, responsibility for implementation is delegated to the Director of Safety and Security.

When inclement weather occurs or is predicted, the following process will be followed:

  1. The Director of Security will monitor weather conditions and will contact the local police, city public works, and/or state departments of transportation to ascertain road conditions in all areas where King University offers classes. Consultation may also be made with the King University Facilities Services Department and other offices/departments as appropriate and necessary.
  2. If conditions warrant a change of schedule by 6 a.m. a snow schedule should be called and appropriate media and offices will be notified.
  3. If conditions worsen by 9 a.m. then the College will be closed for inclement weather. Appropriate media and offices will be notified.
  4. If inclement weather worsens or occurs during the day, a decision for cancellation of evening classes should be made by 3 p.m. and appropriate media and offices will be notified.
  5. If inclement weather occurs or worsens after 3 p.m., the Director of Security and/or the Security Officer on duty will advise faculty/students of the weather conditions and advise early dismissal.
  6. On Saturdays, a decision regarding closing/cancellation of classes should be made by 6 a.m. and appropriate media and offices will be notified.

Schedule changes will be announced in the following ways:

  • Local Media
  • College email
  • College Web site

The announcement will specify which campuses will be affected. Please be advised no announcement means the schedule will remain as usual and cancellation of classes at one location does not automatically imply cancellation at other locations. For sites based on another college campus, we will defer to the decision of that campus regarding schedule changes and/or cancellation of classes due to inclement weather.

Students should always exercise personal safety when driving to and from campus.